About Us

St.  Edmund Elementary School is located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, and provides excellence in Catholic education to students from Nursery to Grade Eight. The first graduation from St. Edmund Elementary took place in 1927.  The Dominican Sisters of Sparkill were the educational backbone of the school for over 60 years.  Our lay faculty carries on their mission to commit ourselves to the goal of the proclamation of the reign of God through a ministry for justice.

St. Edmund Elementary School shares a unique and collaborative relationship with St. Edmund Preparatory High School. The distinctive architectural style of our school building that houses St. Edmund Church creates a charming and peaceful environment that enhances the spirituality that is integral to all academic programs and school activities.

Our dedicated Faculty works diligently to nurture our students spiritual and social/emotional, as well as their academic growth and development. Our goal is to prepare each student to reach his or her goals in a caring and intellectually stimulating learning environment.  We invite you and your child to join us in the vibrant community that is St. Edmund Elementary School.