The Academic Program of St. Edmund Elementary School is designed to instill in our students a love of learning.  Our focus on study and critical thinking skills promotes our students’ success in high school, college and their chosen careers.  We strive to tailor instruction to meet the individual learning styles of our students.  Our focus on continuity of instruction from one grade level to the next ensures comprehensive and cumulative acquisition of knowledge that enables our students to use knowledge to analyze, synthesize and comprehend instructional material in an interdisciplinary manner.


At St. Edmund Elementary School, the spiritual growth of our students is equally as important as their academic growth and development. We are inspired by our Patron, St. Edmund of Canterbury, to lead lives devoted to our faith, service to our community and the love of learning. Our lay faculty carries on the charism of the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill in promoting a dedication to faith and social justice. Students receive Religion instruction daily.  Each morning students, led by the principal and eighth grade readers, participate in Morning Prayer over the PA.  Students select a Class Patron Saint to be their spiritual guide throughout the academic year. Students participate in First Friday Mass and Benediction, seasonal liturgies and prayer services and devotional activities.  The Sacramental Program is administered by Mrs. Debbie Perillo, St. Edmund Parish Director of Religious Education, in cooperation with the principal and classroom teachers.

Class Patron Saints

Nursery                St. Nicholas
Pre-K                    St. Jude
Kindergarten      St. Anthony
First Grade          St. Francis of Assisi
Second Grade     St. Teresa of Calcutta
Third Grade        St. Francis of Assisi
Fourth Grade      St. Pope John Paul II
Fifth Grade          St. John the Evangelist
Sixth Grade         St. Thomas Aquinas
Seventh Grade    St. Teresa of Calcutta
Eighth Grade      St. Padre Pio


The English Language Arts instructional program of St. Edmund Elementary is designed to promote in our students a love of reading and the ability to appreciate literature and comprehend, interpret and analyze informational text. The curriculum includes a focus on grammar, language mechanics, spelling, vocabulary across all curriculum areas, listening, essay and creative writing and handwriting skills.

The Superkids Reading Program in Pre-K to Grade Two, incorporates phonics, writing and comprehension skills in an engaging and motivating manner by employing SMARTBoard applications as well as traditional printed materials. Students in Grades 3 and 4 explore varied genres of literature as well as informational text to expand their critical thinking and writing skills. Instruction in Grades 5-8 integrates English Language Arts skills across all curriculum areas in an interdisciplinary manner in preparation of the academic rigors of high school curricula.


The Mathematics Program of St. Edmund Elementary adheres to the standards of New York State Common Core Curriculum and provides the foundation that enables our students to achieve success on classroom and standardized assessments and exams. Go Math is the instructional program in Kindergarten to Grade Eight.  Students in Grades Three to Eight also participate in Mathletics, an online program that gives them access to math drill and enrichment exercises and activities. The Math Program of St. Edmund Elementary is an integral part of the STEM learning experiences that are incorporated into instruction. Eighth Grade students who qualify are invited to participate in Regents 9th Grade Math at St. Edmund Preparatory High School.


The Social Studies Program of St. Edmund Elementary School provides our students with the means to understand our world in terms of history, geography, government, demographics, politics and economics.  Learning about the past prepares our students to take their place as the leaders of tomorrow.  Our focus on interdisciplinary learning, enables our students to view the world in a comprehensive and analytic manner. Our faculty members participate in workshops presented by the Gilder Lehrman Foundation; these workshops provide Social Studies instructors with materials and resources that enhance students’ knowledge and understanding.


An exemplary elementary school Science Program should include three basic requirements: it should be cross-curricula, organized into thematic units, and hands on.  St. Edmund Elementary School’s fully equipped Science STEM Lab and its coordinating Lab Learner instructional program provides our students with an extraordinary opportunity to explore the mysteries of their world in a 21st Century setting.  Students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 participate in weekly lab experiments that incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in a manner that addresses students’ individual learning styles and interests. Students interact as scientists in an atmosphere that simulates research and medical laboratories.


The advancements in technology over the past generation have been astounding.  Ever-changing and continually updating defines the future world and work place that our students will inhabit.  The Technology Program of St. Edmund Elementary School prepares our students to employ technology skills as tools that will enable them to succeed now and in the future. Computers, SMARTBoards and tablets are utilized on all grade levels to complement and enhance curriculum across all subject areas.  Students receive instruction in basic applications that they then employ to achieve this goal.  In addition, we instill in our students that the benefits of technology require their ethical use.


At St. Edmund Elementary, the study of Music, Performing Arts and Art cultivates our students’ God given creative talents. Our Christmas Pageant involves students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 in seasonal and religious musical numbers and vignettes.  The Annual Talent Show provides a venue for our students to showcase their vocal, dance and instrumental ability.  The Passion Play is performed each year as part of our Holy Week observances. Choir and Band offer students the opportunity to further develop their talents. Our Visual Art Program incorporates project art and art history.  We are committed to the belief that Arts Education enhances students’ critical thinking abilities and academic success.


The global nature of today’s society and certainly that of the future mandates that we prepare our students to enter the work place equipped to communicate effectively in more than one language.  At St. Edmund Elementary, the study of Spanish grammar, conversation and culture offers our students the opportunity to achieve proficiency in a second language prior to their entry into high school.