Educating the whole child: Spiritually, academically, socially and physically

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Our Mission

St. Edmund Elementary School endeavors to educate the whole child: Spiritually, academically, socially and physically, in order to become responsible moral citizens in today’s society. We recognize and celebrate the diverse ethnic backgrounds and heritages of our young men and women, representing more than 26 parishes in the Diocese of Brooklyn; A microcosm of the cosmopolitan nature of New York City. We believe in providing children with both religious and academic awareness that will enable them to develop a good Christian foundation with the knowledge to help them meet the new and ever-changing world that lies ahead. We further believe that it is our ministry to instill critical thinking skills with a strong a moral compass by providing well-rounded academic courses in a stimulating and nurturing environment. Towards that end we believe in developing and maintaining scholastically challenging programs. At St. Edmund, we envision our school as an academic center founded upon solid Christian and academic principles which will serve our children and reflect their multicultural backgrounds.

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